[European Union] What kind of Europe do children want? UNICEF & Eurochild launch a survey on the Europe Kids Want

03 Jul 2018

Brussels, June 6, 2018: An online survey designed to capture the views of children and young people on the future of Europe is being launched today, in what will be a rare opportunity for children living in the continent to have their voices heard by the European Union’s top leaders.

The survey – entitled ‘the Europe Kids Want’ -- is a joint initiative by Eurochild and UNICEF. Topics covered include children’s experience of family-life, school, and society as well as their thoughts on Europe. The survey is written in child-friendly language in order to encourage responses from under 18-year-olds.

The survey results will be announced at a special session of the European Parliament on November 20th -- Universal Children’s Day – attended by a delegation of children and young people.

The ‘Europe Kids Want’ survey will seek out children’s perspectives on migration, the European Union and their hopes and fears for the future. Children are also asked to propose one word that they associate with ‘Europe’.

“Children and young people are important stakeholders in the future of Europe. I congratulate UNICEF and Eurochild for developing such an accessible tool for children to give their feedback on their life today and share their hopes for the future. As decision-makers, we need to listen to children’s views to better design policies that suit their needs.” MEP Caterina Chinnici, Co-Chair of Children’s Rights Intergroup of the European Parliament.

“Listening to and engaging children and young people is the first step towards empowering them to build the Europe they want. I, along with the rest of the Children’s Rights Intergroup in the European Parliament, look forward to discussing the results of the survey with children in the Parliament plenary in November”, added MEP Anna-Maria Corazza Bildt, Chair of the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights.

The survey has been developed by children’s rights experts, and tested with focus groups of children.  After its launch today, it will stay open until 21 September 2018. Schools and other bodies working with children and young people are encouraged to use the guidelines provided online to stimulate in-depth discussions on the questions.

The survey is open to children of all ages. While targeted at children and young people living in the European Union, responses from children outside the EU are also welcome. The survey will be available in at least 19 languages.

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