Every year, 5,000 children enter the protection system

05 Jun 2015
Ziarul PUTEREA - Cotidian national tiparit

'Puterea reports' that the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption (ANPDCA) shared Romania's experience on existing reforms and challenges encountered in efforts to foster social services. This is done together with the 27 European Union member states and other countries participating in the ninth edition of European Forum on the Rights of the Child.

According to Gabriela Coman, Secretary of State, ANPDCA, Romania registered each year a constant number of 5,000 children entering the child welfare system. Of almost 60,000 children separated from their parents, about 20,000 are institutionalized, another 20,000 are in the care of foster parents and 20,000 others are in foster care.

"The analysis of complex causes and conditions from which a child becomes deprived of parental care and enter the public protection system signals that it requires a national integrated intervention, as National Strategy for Child Rights Protection and Promotion 2014 2020 describes. Locally, you need a minimum package of services to identify and support vulnerable children that are at risk of poverty, violence, school dropout, and not accessing health services, "said Mrs. Gabriela Coman, Secretary of State, ANPDCA.

European experts and others, representatives of institutions, governments and NGOs in the European Union and international organizations have drawn attention to those records and best practices of several countries, including Romania, which demonstrates the importance of cross-sector approach at the local level of child protection actions.

"Romania is developing integrated services for children locally, bringing together sectors of social protection, health and education, as foreseen in the national strategy for children's rights and social inclusion," said Ms. Sandie Blanchet, Representative UNICEF in Romania.

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