[Finland] Online child protection officer: 'I see traumatic images every day'

26 May 2017
The Guardian

The Guardian, in this article illustrates some of the graphic disturbances professionals of child protection services witness everyday. The article looks at Finnish advisor to Save the Children, Laura Keisanen. Keisanen's work ranges from educating youth of the potential dangers of the internet, and running a phone line that seeks to advocate and speed up the elimination of the sexual abuse of children. Furthermore, in an unorthodoxy manner, the department operates a self-help manual for individuals who are worried about their sexual interest to children. "Nettivije", the hotline, features constant monitoring, identification, and analysis of reports, through the use of advanced technological programs and further enables users to identify and report online content related to the sexual abuse of children.

According to statistics, it is indicated that in 2015, the hotline received nearly 3,600 reports of online content depicting the sexual abuse of children, where nearly 20% of the received material were illegal, while 80% of the content featured children under the age of 13. An additional 17% of the material violated children's rights through sexualizing youth, while 38% of such material were red-flagged as sexual-related content, but not illegal. Lastly, 25% of the content was no longer accessible. 

As much evil is present on the web, this is fronted by positive online content, such as otanvastuun.fi, which is a website that provides assistance and forums for potential abusers to analyze the consequences of such abuse while providing resources for such individuals to manage their behavior. 

Netari, another Finnish website provides youth support, where children and youth are able to connect with each other, seek employment, or socialize on private chat rooms with youth workers. 

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