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Forum for sharing good practices in the care of children with disabilities and their families in Ruse, Bulgaria

07 Jul 2017
Hope and Homes

On 13 and 14 June 2017, a forum was held in Ruse, Bulgaria, for the sharing of good practices in the care of children with disabilities and their families within the Family Placement services for children and young people with disabilities and the need for constant medical care. Organized by "Hope and Homes for the Children - Branch Bulgaria" and hosts "Association Equilibrium", the event took place in the building of the United Children's Services "Sunflower" in Ruse. During the round table the experts shared experiences and challenges that could help with the plans for 20 new centers for specialized health and social care for children with disabilities with a need for permanent medical care. This idea is part of the National Strategy Action Plan Vision for deinstitutionalization of children in the Republic of Bulgaria which was adopted by the Council of Ministers at the end of last year.
During the meeting, key factors for the success of current GLPs through the analysis of specific cases of children and families were discussed. The human resource used in these services has been identified as the main factor for success and quality of service. Another important factor that has been put forward is "working with parents and families of children with disabilities and malformations and their timely support at the maternity home as well as the promotion, support they reception from the teams to the children", says
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