[Germany] SoulTalk: Psychological peer help for refugees

04 Jan 2019

Only a small fraction of refuges in Germany seeks psychological help, but even for those who do it is very difficult to get it. The anchor center for asylum seekers in Bavaria has an innovative clinic for mental health called SoulTalk, a result of cooperation between Doctors without Borders and the local hospital to address this issue. SoulTalk offers psychosocial peer counseling and psychoeducation to refugees and it is the first such initiative in Germany. As part of this project, former refugees who are trained as psychosocial counselors work with their peers, providing the counseling and support in their mother-tongue language. Alexandra Blattner, a psychologist who works at the center explained to InfoMigrants: "Many refugees don’t want to talk to their families about their inner problems and sorrows, so it’s good to use counseling services in mother tongue." As part of the psychoeducation sessions, refugees learn about coping strategies, stress management techniques and resilience.

InfoMigratns visited the center to learn more about this initiative. The full story is available on the link below.

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