[Greece] 93 Greek Public Schools Providing Education to 2,500 Refugee Children

28 Jun 2017
Greek Reporter

UNICEF approximates that 20,000 refugee children are currently present within Greece.

Among these children, a small diaspora is existent, as some of these migrant children reside within urban centers, while other children are situated in overpopulated detention centers that are dispersed throughout the country. Within 32 migrant centers, 2,500 refugee children are present, according to UNICEF statistics. According to the Greek Reporter article, these children are actively transported to 93 different public educational institutions in Greece on a day.-to-day basis, which ultimately allows these children to rightfully obtain an education. 

This educational initiative was made possible by the financing provided by the European Union Humanitarian Aid Department and the Implementation of the project by the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Migration Agency. 

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