[Greece] Greek government vows to push vaccination after measles shock

04 Sep 2019

Based on the World Health Organisation research Greece’s new government plans to increase vaccination rates as measles exits again in the country.

The Minister of Health plans to raise awareness and to improve vaccine coverage of the population. “Vaccination is a matter of life and concerns us all. It means protecting the individual while protecting the whole community,” the minister said.  He added that they should focus on vulnerable groups to be vaccinated.

According to the the National Vaccination Committee of Greece, the epidemic is in recession and the recorded cases were brought in by migratory Roma communities.

The problem exists in Europe as ca. 90.000 children and adults were infected with measles in the first half of 2019 based on WHO, which is double of last year. Most vulnerable countires are France, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Lithuania, but the deseaese also reappeared in UK, Greece, Czech Republic and Albania too.

The growing epidemic of measles is a cause for concern, in particular in areas where the vaccination coverage is sub-optimal.  Vaccination remains the best way to protect against this serious disease,” said by Anca Paduraru European Commission spokesperson.


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