[Greece] Greek police fire teargas at child migrants protesting conditions in camps

05 Sep 2019
Daily Sabah

Tear gas was used by the Greek police against hundreds of children in a migrant camp in Lesbos on Wednesday. The cause was that the young migrants set fire to trash bins at the Moria camp.

The migrants were protesting for better living conditions a new camp on the Greek mainland as the Lesbos camp become unsanitary and unsafe. But they said the circumstances had only worsened. "We left Moria hoping for something better, and in the end, it's worse," said Sazan, a 20-year-old Afghan after six months in the new camp.

The new Nea Kavala camp, near Thessaloniki, lack of access to water electricity, there there are not enough tents for the refugees stated by the protesters. The Citizen Protection Ministry said to AFP that only 200 tents for 1000 people is available now in that camp.

The summer surge surprised the government as migrants made the crossing to the Greek islands. The U.N. stated that the Lesbos camp is overcrowded, four times of the capacity, nearly 11,000 people at the end of August was kept there.

The ministry has promised to transfer the migrants to other camps, but the migrant doesn’t believe that. "They told us the same thing when we arrived," said the 15-year-old Tamim.

"We need more doctors and infrastructure to meet the needs of hundreds of children," said one camp worker.

Greece is currently home to more than 70,000 migrants and refugees in the country.

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