[Greece] Refugee children have written a book of fairy tales and it's just awesome

01 Jun 2017

According to Independent.ie, child refugees settled in Greece have recently produced an illustrative book comprised of fairytales, and is now on sale, while being dedicated to the cause similar to that of the children who had produced the narratives and stories featured in this book.

"Traveling Tales" is comprised of various creative and imaginative stories, and furthermore exemplifies the creativity and sheer innocence of these children. The book has been published by Brazilian journalist, Debora de Pina Castiglione along with her sister, Beatriz, however the ideas in the book are originated directly from the children. Debora conducted workshops with Syrian and Kurdish youth who were between the ages of four to 14, and who were furthermore situated in the Thessaloniki, Lagadikia, and Oreokastro refugee camps.

The objective of these fairytales and creative narratives were to serve as an escape for the children from their own harsh realities. In addition to this, the book is supported by professional illustrations, and was published last month. Moreover, the book is published in English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch. The book can be purchased on Amazon for £10. 

Proceeds from the sales of this book will be used to supplement projects that seek alternative solutions for housing in order to avoid residence in military camps. 

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