Green Light for the Draft of a New Law on Combating Juvenile Delinquency

07 Jul 2017

The Dnevnik website announced that a working group will be formed to discuss a number of proposals on a new law project that will have the role of replacing the current format for measures against children in conflict with the law. The name of the bill is "A law on diversion from criminal proceedings and introducing educational measures for minors" and contributes to the transformation of correctional homes into special centers, the closure of boarding schools, the establishment of a new system of measures for the deviant actions of minors. It is expected that by 2020 Bulgaria will have a well-established and sustainable child justice system with a focus on the rights of minors.
Dnevnik's article highlights that the current system for children committing anti-social acts is dysfunctional, and the Ministry of Education, Justice and to an extent Labor and Social Policy are responsible. Children are placed in boarding houses indefinitely for reasons such as skipping school or petty theft, and they do not receive enough support or guidance from their family or the state when they leave. In most cases, the children return to their lives before the boarding school. This can be explained by the lack of a quality educational process in the institutions and the violation of children's fundamental rights. In any case, this bill must be a priority for the Bulgarian government.
The source article can be found HERE.

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