[Hungary] Adoption would be an easier and a simpler process in Hungary

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12 May 2020

A new bill was promoted in order to adopt a child sooner and not through a too complicated process in Hungary.

The procedure of adopting would only be 9 months from now. The potential new parents would not be bound to finish the 40-hours training, which is mandatory at the moment. Kids, whose biological parents are not interested in, could be adopted in 3 months instead of 6.

Two third of the adoption stems from adopting children, who are being given away because of child protection. Therefore, when the Hungarian government launched a family-friendly program, it included encouraging people to adopt as well. Incentives have been introduced from the 1st of January, for example, adoption fee, maternity leave and maternity subsidy for those, who take home an abandoned kid. In addition, they would receive ten days-off from work, if they decide to welcome a new family member. The age difference between the adopting parent and the child would also be increased from 45 years to 50, so people could adopt older kids too. 


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