[Hungary] Child prostitution is not the responsibility of the child victims, but of society

29 Aug 2017
Kettős Mérce

The prominent fact-finding blog "Kettos Merce" ('double standard') published a writing by Fanni Des who clarifies falsehoods and misconceptions around child sexual abuse. She points out that - even though this is NOT the case in Hungary - children in prostitution should be seen as victims, and that they should be identified as victims, and not put in jail for prostitution. 

"It is very typical to hear stories like that of the 13 year-old girl who had been living with her partner for a year, and after having been abused and threatned with killing her mother and brothers, she was pushed to sell herself on the streets, after which she was fined several times and put into a correctional facility". 

Services are not available for these children, there is no trauma treatment or prevention, let alone facilities where victims could be adequately protected. 


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