[Hungary] Dr. Lazary Illes Maria talks about Barnahus, hidden abuse and protecting abused children

06 Apr 2019

The Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet published an interview with the founder of the Barnahus in the Hungarian city of Szombathely, who is now the head of the National Barnahus Know-How Center. Dr. Lazary talks about the setup of the Barnahus, their cases, and that as of January 1st 2019, the Child Protection Law allows police, judges or parents to ask the Barnahus to do interviews with children. As a result they have received 17 such requests in January alone. From 2019 the Ministry of Human Resources provides financial support to the Szombathely Barnahus National Know-How Center, and the Budapest Barnahus - to be opened in Buda, on November 20th 2019. 


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