[Hungary] Hungarian Border ‘Smart Fence’ Violates Rights, Says NGO

04 Jul 2017
Balkan Insight

Balkan Insight reports on the recent development in regards to Hungary’s use of a ‘smart fence’ on its border with Serbia. They cite that a Serbian newspaper reported earlier this week that in an effort to deter migrants and refugees, an electrified fence was being tested by the Hungarian government on the country’s border with Serbia. Hungarian government officials are adamant that the voltage in the fence is not high enough to “seriously hurt people” and that its purpose is to aid in discovery, interception and rapid apprehension of people who are trying to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border illegally.

However, the Belgrade Centre for Protection and Help for Asylum-Seekers emphasises how this practice is in violation of the European Convention of Human Rights, which Hungary has ratified. The representative of the centre also emphasises other unacceptable practices that the Hungarian border police employ against migrants, which include the beating of children.

The same article also reports on how in the beginning of July, the Serbian political party Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians advocated for the closure of the Subotica migrant and refugee centre in Serbia, as well as dissatisfaction with the plan to build a new centre in the same area.

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