[Hungary] Hungarian Jesuits have Updated their Child Protection Policy

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22 Nov 2019
Magyar Kurír

The Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus created a Child Protection Policy in 2011. It was reviewed and updated in 2014, and again in November 2019.

Each and every member and associate of the Province has had to sign the document and agree to live accordingly. The main objective is to prevent abuse and raise awareness regarding child protection responsibilities.

The renewed Child Protection Policy has been presented to the representatives of the Province in The House of Dialogue in Budapest.

Due to the alarming number of child protection issues, the IPM (Ignatian Pedagogy Workshop) together with the Catholic Pedagogy Institute, has organized the first conference in Hungary where experts in the field have been invited to speak before the Church.

This comes thirty years after the Vatican signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Being aware of the tragic cases of abuse that have happened within the Church, which should always be a shining example for its community, it is time to face these problems and find new ways to increase awareness and prevention.

The Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus has appointed a child protection representative, Attila András SJ. Furthermore, the leader of the Province is supported by an ethics committee in the resolution procedures. 


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