[Hungary] Hungary touts family policies as alternative to immigration

05 Sep 2019
Yahoo News

Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orbán, said yesterday at a government-organized conference on population trends, that economic incentives for families should boost birth rates and solve population issues, not immigration.

The 3rd Budapest Demographic Summit held in Hungary is for politicians, scientists, church dignitaries and public personalities to exchange their experiences on demographics. 

The prime minister also said if it had been more beneficial to families to have children than not,  than more families would have had children. Orban also said that the strengthening of Christianity in Europe was a precondition for the success of Hungary's demographic efforts. 

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis presented about their countries' demographic challenges and praised the Hungarian family policy measures, which include tax breaks for families after the second child, a life-long income tax exemption for women with at least four children and building more nurseries.

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