[Hungary] No one has written “paedophiles” on their foreheads- but what can we do to protect our children?

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08 May 2020

In an article by Dr Szilvia Gyurkó, a child right specialist, she gives some tools for parents to protect their children more effectively from paedophiles. As these are usually skilful manipulators, you cannot see from the outside what they are planning, and so it is not recommended to base their filtering out based on human recognition, but much can be done for protection on an institutional, individual or social level as well.

Institutional child protection

It is important that institutions dealing with children to develop a child protection policy that will help screen individuals who could harm children in any way. It is also important that abuses and violence against children not to remain a secret after their discovery.

Chid protection at home

On an individual level, we can ensure that our child goes to places where their safety is taken into account, and, on the other hand, we can give our child basic knowledge and sensitivity about their own bodies, for example by teaching them that no one can touch them or record their body parts covered by underwear.

Child protection in society

It is our common responsibility that the cases of child abuse or sexual violence not to be covered up, but that it should be insisted that it be a consequence of the acts committed.

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