[Hungary] Self-harm in teenage years

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06 Sep 2019
Ifjúsági Lelki Elsősegély

Self-harm, just like suicide is currently a taboo, but it often occurs during teenage years, so it is important to talk about it.  But what is self-harming? Cutting, harming the body with a sharp object, like knife, blade, broken glass, without the conscious intention of suicide, usually to compensate inner negative feelings.

Even though most people don’t speak about it, there are tell-tale signs to consider, like small cuts, burn marks, scars on arm or other body parts. Besides this, other signs are also present: school performance deteriorates, depression, anxiety, social withdrawal.

Teenagers are more likely to perform self-harming, as this life period carries a significant emotional burden for them.

How can we help?

With trust, patience and a criticism free approach. In severe cases, it is advised to seek professional help, where an empathetic talk, free of criticism can help a lot in moving forward. In these cases, you can call the Ifjúsági Lelki Elsősegély’s free helpline, weekdays between 17 and 21, on 137-00.

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