[Hungary] Some Wounds Can Not Be Healed: Affects of Child Abuse on Adult Life

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10 Jan 2020
Mindset Pszichológia

Child abuse cases sometimes go unreported in Hungary due to lack of attention or in order to avoid conflict.

Any physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment qualifies as abuse, and anyone who does not prevent or report it, qualifies as an accessory to a crime. According to a WHO estimate, 20% of women and 5-10% of men experienced abuse in their childhood, and yet the media and the general social environment focus only on extreme cases. 

There is no exact data in Hungary, but according to UN research, children live in a 'dangerous place': two children die as a result of abuse per month on average. Boys are more likely to experience physical abuse, which can later lead to problems with alcohol and drugs. Girls experience more sexual abuse, which causes physical, mental or health problems. They also face a bigger risk of complications during pregnancy.

These traumas affect the victim’s self-esteem and educational achievements, and they develop guilt complexes earlier. Later, they might have sexual problems, and often get into abusive relationships. Whlie therapy can help them to cope with their traumas, they will endure lasting harm. Therefore, these cases should be noticed, and actions should be taken immediately.

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