[Hungary] Therapy for Traumatised Children in the Barnahus - Training for Psychologists

22 Nov 2019

In the framework of the EU-funded PROMISE II project, and under the organisation of Terre des hommes and UNICEF, a three-day training took place in Budapest, 19-21 November 2019 for psychologists working in child protection. The topic was ‘trauma-focused behavioural therapy’, a therapy used most often in Barnahus. The trainer, Bruna Profaca, a psychologist and expert from the Zagreb Children- and Youth Protection Center, lead the training. She provided numerous pieces of practical advice and showed different tools that can be used when working with children.

‘I often lose my trust in cognitive therapy, but this training gave me new strength and new ideas that can be integrated in my work’ - said one of the participants. For many, an example about a handkerchief was especially memorable; Bruna Profaca talked about the process wherein a child recounts their trauma narrative, during which they often cry. She cautioned psychologists to give the child a handkerchief at the beginning of the session so not to disturb the grieving child with this movement.

The training presentations were recorded and will be made available for select professionals. 

The project "PROMISE II" is co-funded by the EU's  Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, 2014–2020. 





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