[Hungary] There are clear signs of child sexual abuse

26 Oct 2017

The Hungarian portal for young people, YELON published an article of Eva Kerpel on the signs of sexual abuse. These can be - among others, that the behavior of the child changes all of a sudden, they become all introspective, or the opposite, i.e. becoming over-sexualised, or exhibiting non-acceptable, anti-social behavior. Unfortunately the adults around the child often do NOT recognise these signs or do not believe the child even when they disclose.

The expert also points out that sexual abuse can also lead to self-harming behavior in adulthood. "According to a research 61% of girls who are addicted to alcohol or abuse, experienced sexual abuse in their families. Another research points out that more than half of homeless women were sexually abused in childhood. Victims of sexual abuse are in high proportion among prostitutes.

There are some that react by becoming sick or self-harming. According to a Hungarian expert one fourth of anorexics have experienced sexual violence in their families. An American clinic working with people with eating disorders found that 40-60% of women and men suffering from obesity or anorexia were victims of sexual or physical abuse."

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