[Hungary] There are No Hopeless Children

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23 Feb 2020

After getting his degree in psychology, Pál Vaskuti turned to child protection. He claims that because of a lack of human and financial resources, the Hungarian child protection system is worse than it was 40 years ago. In 2004 he went to Sri Lanka to help the victims of the tsunami, and established a children’s home there with the support of the Hungarian Baptist Foundation. The children's home was built around the idea that those parents who lost their children would raise the orphans, and that children would not leave the village after they came of age.

They later planned a several-week long program for children with behavioural problems, which included both personal and group therapy. But without state aid, the cost of travel and therapy became quite difficult to cover.

The program in Sri Lanka ended after a series of assassinations carried out by terrorists. Vaskuti later established the Chance Program near Kalamata, Greece. With reduced travel expenses, he launched the sensitizing program, which helps children with depression and drug-related problems by introducing them to people who overcame these difficulties with a life-affirming attitude.

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