[Hungary] We Are All a Little Bit Complicated

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29 Jun 2019

The Völgyzugoly Foundation for differently-abled children has been operating since 2016 in Budapest’s 17th district. This year it received a Goodwill Award as a volunteer community doing social work. The foundation was created by parents who have differently-abled children, to provide them with a daycare that also meets their developmental needs.

Zsuzsanna Somlai, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, was motivated by her own son to create the institution, which not only provides 20 hours of developmental care a week, but a place where children can really be children. Additionally, the foundation organizes and supports open parents' clubs.

The Foundation is trying to support a lifestyle with a solution-oriented approach in which the family is not consumed by their child's needs. That is why the family development daycare centre was established. Currently, the daycare supports four children, each of whom is assisted by a teacher.

Although the law requires these children be provided with 20 hours a week of developmental assistance, two-thirds of the differently-abled children in Hungary do not get such help. The foundation provides therapeutic methods such as: movement therapy, massage therapy, special education development, conductive pedagogy, feeding therapy, Bowen treatment, or craniosacral therapy, and integrated development. It is also active in sensitization and integration.

The proceeds of the Goodwill Award (One and a half million forints/about EUR4700) will be spent on engaging professionals and maintaining the daycare.


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