[International] 2017 Global Conference on Children on the Move: 12-13 June, 2017

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20 Jun 2017
Child Hub

The 2017 Global Conference on Children on the Move was hosted in Berlin, Germany from June 12-13. The conference had mandated for the demonstration of the benefits of collective action in order to achieve results for children on the move. Secondly, the conference sought to analyze and establish plans to accelerate the enactment of commitments taken towards children on the move. Lastly, the future for harmonious societies was explored during the conference. Furthermore, themes of the conference had ranged in topics such as non-discrimination, best-interests, protection, access to services, child immigration detention, and solutions.

The conference hosted 320 NGO and youth delegates, which allowed for an exchange of ideas among participants. Among the delegates present in the conference, was Terre des hommes Hungary Regional Migration Program Manager, Vincent Tournecuillert, who claimed that there was a better understanding among NGO's contributing to the development of inserting child rights into the Global Compact. Tournecuillert further appreciated the vibrant presence of youth delegates in the conference along with the narratives of Canadian lawyer and United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, François Crépeau, regarding his visitations to refugee detention centers and the strength attributed to these migrants who have endured so much, but yet remain hopeful for the future.

When asked about the atmosphere of the conference, Tournecuillert claimed that there was a "constructive spirit" and a "time of gathering" among members of the two-day conference. 

The event was furthermore co-organized by Ignacio Packer, the acting Secretary General of the Terre des hommes International Federation, in collaboration with Save the Children.

The contemporary world of migration is signified by the perpetual transcending of borders by refugees and migrants. Numerically speaking, 50 million children worldwide are living in uncertainty through their continuous movement, while 28 million children within this bracket are hoping to seek refuge elsewhere due to continuous and intensifying violence and instability. Problematic occurrences such as inequality and the strenuous effects of climate change, are among many motivations generating the mass exodus of children from their homes, which ultimately poses a threat to their wellbeing while problematizing their academic life, and heightening their vulnerability in being exposed to risks such violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Over the time span of 10 years, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' had witnessed the doubling in the number of child refugees under its mandate. Contemporary global migration trends indicate that the mass displacement of individuals who are geographically located in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South East Asia, prompt international outward migration toward other countries and continents.

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