[International] ChildHub is Growing: Great Results in Spring 2017

08 Jun 2017

Some great news! According to the numbers, ChildHub had accomplished record high numbers from March to May of 2017. It is indicated that 15, 537 people had visited the ChildHub with more than 63,000 pages being viewed!

It is evident that the number of visitors to the ChildHub is increasing per month, with 6,000 visits on a monthly basis, which is unprecedented!

News, Vacancies, Webinars, Libraries, and E-Learning were the most popular sections on the website.

Within these three months, a whopping 1,040 items have been published on the ChildHub. Having this being said, there is a total of 18,291 resources present on the website. In addition to this, 421 individuals registered as members to the ChildHub, while overall, the website currently contains 3,146 members! We are also happy to note interest towards our e-learning courses with 322 students registered in the ChildHub Academy.

The ChildHub team is more than delighted to see rising communications and feedback among members. Through available options such as, "Suggest an Idea" and "Contact Us", the ChildHub has been experiencing an increased volume of received messages, as individuals had greatly contributed to the Hub through suggesting content, proposing to organize a webinar, sending questions, and even suggesting other areas around the globe to initiate ChildHub!

Through this collective effort, the ChildHub was able to reach such high numbers!

Thank You!

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