[International] Children in migration need information on reality, not just on rights, says a new report [of the Council of Europe]

05 Mar 2018
Council of Europe

The Children Rights Division of the Council of Europe published a report stressing the need of providing child-friendly information in all stages of migration. The document proposes recommendations based on the experiences of migrant children, as well as other actors involved in the migration process, in Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece and Hungary. In their feedback, children reported the importance of having understandable and adapted information from trustworthy authorities, so they feel less stressed while at the same time become aware of the risks they may face. “The report stresses that children want to have a realistic idea about procedures in host States, including “painful” procedures, such as the possibility of forced return”.

The Council of Europe also produced a video along with the report, that can be accessed here: https://vimeo.com/257739281

The full report can be retrieved from: https://rm.coe.int/child-friendly-information-for-children-in-migration-...

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