[International] Climate Change fuelling spike in exploitative child labour, says new Tdh report

08 Jun 2017

Climate change is pushing children in the Global South into ever more dangerous forms of child labour and exploitation, a new report by Terre des Hommes has warned.

The report reveals how climate change and environmental degradation in Nepal, India, Burkina Faso, Peru and Nicaragua is forcing children to swap either safer work or not working at all for extremely hazardous employment conditions, such as in mineral mines or brick kilns.

Children working in these environments risk developing respiratory problems due to inhalation of dust and toxic gases, which also damage their digestive, immune and central nervous systems. Being killed in explosions or collapsing mine shafts is also a risk, as is illness and injury caused by carrying heavy loads for prolonged periods.

The report is being presented at the Global Conference on Children on the Move today!

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