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[International] The Guardian view on slavery today: a product of greed, prejudice and war

07 Aug 2017
The Guardian

The Guardian reports that between 21 million and 46 million people are enslaved around the world today. They are forced to work or sell their bodies, or give out their organs. Their freedom is constrained, and they are used and exploited as commodities.

'The reason slavery exists is that we let it - and that we let it be so profitable'. In fact, it is reported that the profits of slavery can be easily compared with those of arms and drug trafficking. 

Nations should take action and protect the vulnerable - they are the ones that are directly affected by modern slavery. The vulnerable are often those who cannot afford a functioning legal systems and are easily exploited by parts of the global economy that profit from the so-called "wage slaves". 

If 'it is morally wrong and hence currently illegal for a UK company to extract profits from workers operating as slaves' in the country, why is it possible that 'profits obtained from the slavery and extreme exploitation of workers abroad filter home to the UK company, crime-free?'.


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