[International] INSPIRE Fund: Flexible Funding Mechanism

06 Aug 2018

INSPIRE is a technical package for everyone committed to preventing and responding to violence against children and adolescents – from government to grassroots, and from civil society to the private sector. The INSPIRE Working Group, an informal network of some 100 agencies committed to implementing INSPIRE-related programmes, has launched a call for proposals to support INSPIRE awareness-raising and engagement activities in low- and middle-income countries.

The purpose of the fund is to enable leaders from Low- and Middle-Income Countries increase INSPIRE awareness and engage civil society and governments at national and regional levels, and from those experiences to actively exert leadership in shaping and driving INSPIRE globally. A total of $750,000.00 USD is available within the INSPIRE Fund for this purpose. Contracts will be considered in the range of $5,000 USD – $30,000 USD. Higher funding amounts may be considered for consortia or partnership-led initiatives.

The application will be available online starting on 12 July at https://newventurefund.force.com/login. There are three deadlines: 31 August, 31 October, and 31 December 2018. 

Please direct all issues and questions to:

Nicolas Makharashvili
Coordinator, INSPIRE Working Group
Senior Program Officer, CPC Learning Network | Columbia University
Phone: +1-212-342-5208
E-mail: onm2003@cumc.columbia.edu

You may find more information regarding the deadlines, application process and requirements on the official website here

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