[International] Join Advocacy Efforts for a Stronger Social Service Workforce Week

26 Sep 2017
Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

This week, from September 25-29, celebrate the 4th annual Social Service Workforce Week by increasing attention and action for strengthening the social service workforce. This year's theme highlights why greater advocacy is needed for a stronger workforce to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including the goals related to violence, migration and health. Daily themed blogs, worker profiles and related resources will be shared from the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. Visit the webpage  for more information or become a member to receive the email updates this week and continue connecting with colleagues globally.

Sample of the resources:

"How Does the Social Service Workforce Contribute to SDGs Related to Violence'"  by Roger Pearson

"Investing in the Social Service Workforce"

"Case management in Child and Family Support Center (PDAK)"

Don't miss out on the BLOG on Day 3, Wednesday, on on how the social service workforce contributes to the SDGs related to migration. TPO Uganda has drafted a blog on “Strengthening the Workforce to Deliver Psychosocial Support for Refugee Women and Girls: Lessons from Northern and West Nile in Uganda.” 

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