[International] Three English versions of juvenile delinquency prevention programs developed by Terre des hommes Moldova are available on Childhub

18 Jan 2018

Terre des hommes Moldova works with education, child protection, and justice institutions and professionals in preventing juvenile delinquency and supporting children in conflict with the law. Our goal is to build effective and sustainable programmes and services that prevent juvenile delinquency, reduce recidivism, and ensure that children at risk of committing an offence are properly protected. Our specialists provide training and resources for professionals, strengthening their ability to understand and respect children’s specific needs. We advocate for policy improvements and for the institutionalization of child delinquency prevention programmes in the justice, child protection, and educational systems. 

From this perspective, Terre des hommes Moldova has developed and piloted three juvenile delinquency prevention programs in the past years, which the organization translated and published in English in order to have a stronger regional and international impact.These programs are:

The Program for the prevention of pre-delinquent and criminal behaviors at children and adolescents of 10-14 years
Between 2016 and 2017, Terre des hommes Moldova piloted the Program for the prevention of pre-delinquent and criminal behaviors at children and adolescents of 10-14 years in 12 classes from a series of Moldovan schools from urban and rural area (in the municipality of Chisinau and in Falesti, Singerei, Cahul, Ialoveni and Soroca districts). This program was developed by Romanian experts Mihaela Sasarman and Andrei Chişcu and contains 20 topics focused on the most frequent behaviors experienced by children, being provided for application during one academic year.

From the perspective of education strategies, the school has the mission to prepare pupils not only with a background of knowledge necessary for choosing a profession and practicing it, but also for a better social functioning. The program responds to this need and contributes to the development of the basic skills for pro-social behaviors. Unlike ordinary lessons, learning has been developed through interactive working methods - theater exercises, games, role play, improvisations, to facilitate communication and create the learning context that is appropriate for develop social skills. The impact of program implementation can be: reducing the number of violent child behaviors, improving performance at school, improving class discipline, increasing the pro-social cohesion of the class, improving teacher-student relationships.

The Intervention Program for diminution of criminal behavior of adolescents at risk
The Intervention Program for diminution of criminal behavior of adolescents at risk was equallly developed by Terre des hommes-Moldova with the support of Romanian experts Mihaela Sasarman and Andrei Chişcu. The program is designed for young people aged 15-18 years who have committed crimes, client of the probation system or for those convicted to imprisonment. The program aims to change the behavior of the young people helping them to adopt a pro-social life, to manage emotions, reduce violence and includes also other topics that would facilitate and encourage social acceptable behavior.

The program, which contains 20 themes, was successfully piloted in the probation system and in the and Penitentiary for juveniles from Orhei.
This program, with some modifications and adaptations, can also be applied to ordinary high school students in order to help them better manage their emotions and adopt a pro-social lifestyle. Thus, at present, the Spiru Haret Lyceum psychologist from Chișinău  pilots this program for ordinary high school students.

Prevention of juvenile delinquency program
The program, developed by Romanian psychologist Liliana Foca, contains a set of interactive activities for children and parents focusing on the prevention of deviant behaviors and violence, and contributes to the awareness of aggressive, destructive behaviors, emotion management, assertive communication and modeling of a pro-social behavior. For an increased effect, the set of practical activities will be applied to the same group of children and parents, but this is not mandatory, each activity having an effect even if applied in isolation.

The piloting of this juvenile delinquency prevention program took place in September 2016-February 2017 and covered about 2400 children and 1,200 parents from 11 districts / municipalities in the country (Chisinau, Balti, Soroca, Falesti, Ialoveni, Straseni, Causeni, Stefan Voda , Cahul, Orhei, Ungheni). The program is an appropriate response that helps both children with behavioral and communication difficulties, psychologists and teachers, offering them a new methodological support, and provides viable solutions for parents who face dilemmas in children's education.

Please note that the application manuals for the indicated programs were originally developed in Romanian and are available on-line on Terre des hommes-Moldova website: www.tdh-moldova.md 

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