[International] The UEFA Foundation for Children: five years of bringing light to children’s lives

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24 Apr 2020
UEFA website

The UEFA Foundation for Children was launched in April 2015 to support and defend children through football. The foundation provides several types of support, for example, giving children the opportunity to play and temporarily forget their problems.

They provide grants for 245 projects concerning child protection, with a special emphasis on victims of conflicts — mainly refugees. In the Jordanian desert, a football field was set up for Syrian refugees, which allows them to feel like other children, improves their health and reduces the risk that they will take drugs.

The foundation distributed 34 tons of materials to schools from sporting events, competitions and sponsors, thus re-using rather than destroying or dumping these materials.

In 2018 they organized a Match for Solidarity, which was a great success and supported several projects for disabled children. They are planning the next Match for Solidarity in 2021.

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