[Italy] Due to abuse in Libya, thousands of African children resort to cross the sea to Italy, UNICEF says

26 Jul 2017
Libyan Express

According to the findings of a UNICEF report, a numerous amount of Africa's migrant children fleeing their home due to private and public disputes had intended on traveling abroad to neighboring countries to obtain work, as opposed to European states. Having this being said however, the youth who participated in this study identified arbitrary treatment, kidnapping, and continuous abuse toward migrants in Libya as motivating factors to migrate onward to Europe through sea travel.

These findings are supported by the near 12,200 unaccompanied youth arriving to Italy in the first half of the year.

The journey from Libra to Italy owes to many risks and dangers, especially the threat of smuggling by criminal organizations who utilize these young and vulnerable individuals for illicit activities.

The figures of the study indicate that among the 850 youth aged 12 to 17 years of age who partaken in the study, less than 50% of the bracket who arrived in Italy had intended to go to Europe, while characterizing the voyage as long in duration and perilous in nature. 

An alarming 7 million youth in West and Central Africa adhere to a nomadic-like lifestyle in order to elude reasons owing to abuse, impoverishment, and consequences of environmental degradation, according to UNICEF.

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