[Italy] French police accused of falsifying migrant children's birth dates

12 Apr 2018
The Guardian

By Angela Giuffrida

Seven Italian charities appealed to the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Interior accusing the French border police of falsifying birth dates of unaccompanied migrant children so as to pass them off as adults and send them back to Italy. In a specific case, one of the charities reported that “one of the children took a photo of the document and you can see his date of birth has been changed from the one he declared”. The organizations also blame Italy of failing to implement adequate procedures for family reunification, leaving no other choice for many children but to be on the move by themselves. According to EU law, “unaccompanied minors must be protected and (...) those seeking asylum in one member state have the right to be transferred to another where they have family members.”

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