[Italy] Italy: Hungary is unsafe country for transferring asylum seekers under Dublin Regulation

26 May 2017

'ECRE' recently spotlighted the conclusion of the decision of the Italian Council of State, which rendered an annulment of the transferring of an individual seeking asylum in Hungary, and had acted in compliance under the Dublin Regulation.

The Council of State expressed the necessity to utilize various sources when analyzing occurrences relevant to human rights under the circumstances of Dublin transfers, through the observation of the legal framework and harsh realities currently present in Hungary. Having this being said, the Council rendered their decision based on the account of the current degrading and unusual treatment the applicant would have likely been subjected to, in the event they were transferred to Hungarian jurisdiction.

In March 2017, ecre notified all European nations to suspend transfers to Hungary due to the precarious and unstable conditions present under the country's asylum law system. In addition to this, in the following month, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees called for a temporary halt in transferring asylum applicants to Hungary, under the Dublin Regulation.  

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