[Italy] Mother jailed over pornographic images of her children

27 Sep 2019
Malta Today

Strict laws on child pornography are in force in Italy. For taking inappropriate photos of her children at just three years and 18 months old, their mother was sentenced to three years in prison. Police have closed with a complaint against the aforementioned mothers from the Appogg Child Welfare Agency. Appogg has alarmed a school that hired a woman as a childcare assistant with autism after showing colleagues a series of nude photos of her two children along with her husband.

The court sentenced mother to three years in prison and permanently barred her from professional activities that are regular, direct contact with young children. Her name is on the sex offender registry.

In 2017, a mother and father in various court cases were charred after being found in visits to more than 70 photos and videos showing children touching their father's private parts, showering with their parents and other nudity in a domestic setting.

A Romanian-born woman claims in her defense that she is a stranger and was not familiar with the existence of Appogg, as the picture spread to use in divorce with her husband, as her estranged husband confiscated wearing clothes in her home. The idea was to show them to a lawyer who would know what to do. For photos with only children, they advertised to police officers to take pictures to show them the pediatrician how they conditioned the children to be physically fit. The photos shown to the colleagues justified her desire to ask her colleagues what to do. The photos were not taken to be used for pornographic or inappropriate purposes, she insisted.

Photos of children bathing and sleeping naked are not pornographic, the court said. However, photos depicting children touching their father's genitals should be classified as child pornography.

The court noted that many of the photographs were taken long before the divorce proceedings were initiated, even before the birth of the second child. The explanation was charged with retaining the photographs for future use, and was not a legitimate reason that could be exempted from being downloaded, printed, deleted at school and displayed to colleagues, the judge said.

A woman was found guilty of producing child pornography.

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