[Italy] U.N. agency: Sex trafficking of migrants spiking in Italy

21 Jul 2017

According to UPI, the last three years has signified a 600% increase in the number of possible sexual exploitation cases featuring migrants seeking refuge in Italy, through passage of sea travel. Mostly victimized among these migrants, are young girls, according to the United Nations, stated in a most recent interview.

The International Organization for Migration has confirmed that most of these young girls originate from Nigeria, and are susceptible to different forms of exploitation and danger on route to Europe. 

Furthermore, 80% of females departing form Nigeria, front a high possibility of being sexually exploited. This issue has become increasingly prevalent through the inflated figure of Nigerian females traveling to Italy, as in 2014 1,400 girls had departed for Italy from Nigeria, however this number had dramatically increased, as 11,000 Nigerian females traveled to Italy in 2016. 

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