Kosovo institutions with limited resources for child protection

19 Jun 2015

"Begging children and those involved in heavy work in Kosovo is a very worrying phenomenon. These children are often exposed to exploitation and trafficking, while institutional protection is not always at the appropriate level ", says in an interview for Radio Free Europe, Donjeta Kelmendi, director of an NGO "Coalition for Child Protection KOMF".

Enforcement authorities say that in relation to children engaged in heavy work, since 2005 Kosovo Committee for the prevention and elimination of child labor has been established. 

Under the applicable laws, children of adults who are unemployed are registered in employment centres,  benefit from 40 to 105 Euros per month, depending on the number of family members. In recent years every child has been receiving an additional sum of 5 euro per month.

In addition, KOMF is announcing that Kosovo has insufficient budget allocated to children who need institutional support.

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