[Kosovo] Terre des hommes held a training based on Movements, Games and Sport methodology with peer educators

07 Nov 2017

A training was held on 4th and 5th of November, with a participation of 30 pupils coming from the municipalities of Prishtina, Podujevë, Fushë Kosovë, Vushtrri, Mitrovicë dhe Ferizaj. The training was developed based on the training manual “Developing psycho-social activities with pupils”, and the manual games: “Playing, learning and laughing together”, and “Traditional games for protecting children”, - that are based on the Movements, Games and Sport methodology (MGS). The MGS methodology integrates three important dimensions: the psycho (head/mind), the physical (body movement), and the emotional (heart). 

The main aim of the training program was to provide the adequate skills for pupils in the personal, social, technical and methodological dimensions, so as to better understand the objectives of the psycho-social activities, its planification and implementation. Therefore, they were introduced to relevant theoretical and practical concepts in the areas of: perception and action, communication and active listening, resilience and sources of a person, as well as leadership and group leading. Indeed, young people with a practical approach have actively demonstrated games that aim to promote expression, inclusive participation and emotional management – in order to strengthen their psycho-social capacities.

Pupils that have participated in the training will establish the peer-educator groups within their respective schools. They have shown strong enthusiasm to pass the gained skills to their peers by implementing psycho-social activities as e means to have an impact in terms of supporting and facilitating the reintegration and socialization of returned children and marginalized groups within their schools.

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