Love is not a job

09 Jul 2015
Shqiptarja Newsletter

The killer of the Czech tourists, together with the caretaker who violated the children, were imprisoned, and everybody expressed indignation about the issue. And after the whole indignation was unleashed on the net and coffee tables, cursing the responsible people, the net people went to sleep in quiet. It will take a rest, because tomorrow we will have these same issues again to deal with and we must be prepared.

In the meantime, the state took the glory of “fast reaction” and that's all. We all tried hard to close this story as if trying to show the world that these are not the real Albanian. We did, as with every issue, refused to see deep inside of it. If we dig, we might get frightened of what we'd find. It will tell ugly stories about ourselves, our society, and the state we've built.

Who can tell me why Sokoli became killer in his 15s? (Don't tell me because the Court released him!) Do we know how was he raised? What dreams he had? What's his family? News report that the family abandoned him, mother is dead, dad abused him. What did he do in prison? Who took care of him?

What about the kids in the Residential Institution in Shkodër, do they have parents? How are they treated? What about their caretakers? Can you tell me why they behaved in such a way? A friend of mine knows one of them personally, and oaths on their long time commitment to children in that institution. She tries to argue that it's not about that woman. I sort of agree with her.

I agree because these things have and will continue to happen in these institutions. The reason: love is not a job. Everything else is: schools, courts, inspecting services, qualification of people.

How can we teach this to these caretakers? And parents? If you'd put a camera in Albanian houses you may see worst than the Shkodra story. We see this in the streets, but nobody reacts. It's his child and he can do whatever he likes with him. Same with a woman, being her husbands' issue. People aren't born monsters. Lack of love makes them ones.

We can see that the whole country suffers from the lack of love. Lack of love for the land brought the beton monsters. Lack of love for cities brought their degrading. Lack of the love for the neighbour brought bloodfeud. Lack of love for this counrty brought more poverty that we deserve. Over all, lack of love for children, being them yours or others', brings regress and depravation.

Kids, same as love, are not a job.


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