Mentors as Valuable Assets for both Employees and Organizations

10 Dec 2015
EHS Today

According to an American Psychological Association survey, 36 percent of workers has stated that they experience work stress regularly, while a study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) indicated that 40 percent of workers considered their job as very or extremely stressful. A considerable form of stress is burnout, where emotional and psysical exhaustion make it difficult to perform the job. 

More employers are recognizing the problem caused by burnout and are adopting measures to help their staff to avoid it, through measures, such as providing them mentors, who are people with experience within the organization. 

According to research conducted at the Northern Illinois University on 325 working adults, formal and informal mentoring is efficient in stopping vulnerability to stress and burnout for individuals, who score higher in this trait, but does not guarantee a stress free work environment. The researchers advocate for greater attention to personality factors in mentor-mentee relationships as well as an evaluation of the mentee's needs to ensure their efficiency and success. Informal mentoring nesures social support, while formal one focuses more on career developoment. 



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