Migrant crisis in October: focus on children and young mothers

20 Oct 2015
unicef.org; terredeshommes.org/refugee-crisis-eu-council-about-childrens-lives/ hrt.hr; hrvatskamigranti2015.wordpress.com; hck.hr

During October 2015 the migrant crisis continued, in which many men, women and children run away from warring area, mostly from Syria, Aafganistan and Iraq. The eastern or western Balkan route includes most of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia, from where refugees are trying to reach western European countries.

It is estimated that by the end of the first week of October over 130 000 refugees entered Croatia, of which 30-40% are women and children. In Europe there is still political discord ongoing. Packer, general secretary of the organization Terre de hommes, points out that during this crisis we should not forget the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. He addresses the European authorities and says that it is important to ensure protection and basic human rights for all children, no matter where they come from and what nationality they are. In addition, Terre des hommes says they are positively surprised by the large, voluntary mobilization of people who want to help the refugees. Many volunteers, non-governmental organizations and local people are helping.

In Croatia, during October, UNICEF enabled more mobile professional teams with the aim to provide the children with calm and creative time in which they will be able to, al least temporarily, relax from the stress. The co-called UNICEF tent is full of joy for children, while parents can take a break, as you can see at the link below. Also, in center in Opatovac, UNICEF has opened a Center for mothers and young children, where mothers can breastfeed and change their children, but also to obtain necessary medical treatment. Except UNICEF, in all countries of the east route Red Cross provides help 24/7. Great help is also provided by local people, who bring food, water and hygiene supplies.

In next few days, Croatia expects daily enter of approximately 10 000 more refugees, so the Red cross ask citizens to donate food and hygiene supplies. UNICEF has also sent an international appeal for donations in order to continue with their programs over the next 12 months. Besides these places for children and mothers in Center Opatovec, UNICEF plans to implement educational programs for refugees and the countries in which refugees arrive.

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