Migrants on Hungary's border fence: 'This wall, we will not accept it'

22 Jun 2015
The Guardian

The Guardian reports Hungary plans a 4 metre-high fence along 110-mile border with Serbia to stop migrants on Balkan land route, making an already perilous journey even harder. The acticle tells the story about the experience of migrants trying to cross the border and go to Hungary from Serbia, the obstacles they face on their journey, and the strategies they have employed to enter Hungary.

“We are Syrians,” says Mohamed Hussein, a fortnight after he spoke to ITN as his boat landed on the Greek island of Lesvos. “We can solve anything. We made the first written language, so we can break the wall. If they use electricity, we will take gloves and cut it.”

On the other side, commenting on building the fense on the border with Serbia, the Hungarian government’s spokesman, Zoltán Kovács, told the Guardian by phone from Budapest:

“This is a necessary step. We need to stop the flood.”

Kovács claims that the onward movement of mainly Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi migrants from Greece through the Balkan land route has quietly made Hungary “the most affected EU country in absolute terms. Over 50,000 have entered Hungary illegally since January. Italy and Greece are lagging behind by a couple of 2,000.”

Rights groups, however, see the move as the obvious conclusion of a wave of government-led xenophobia. 


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