[Moldova] Networking, hard work and creativity at ”ALEG” autumn camp

13 Nov 2019

Strengthening knowledge attained during summer school, guiding marks and new activities for Peer to Peer Education classes, concrete ways and solutions to combat violence and bullying in school, how can be students helped to identify and overcome negative emotions, training and development of emotional skills - these are some of the expectations children came with to the anti-violence fall camp ”ALEG”, organized by Terre des hommes Moldova on October 29 and 30.

71 students from 30 communities from Moldova met in a follow-up workshop to consolidate the knowledge gained during the summer trainings on preventing and combating violence and bullying. Children shared their experiences based on the actions initiated in schools: they presented the activities they have started and carried out since the beginning of the school year, offered mutual feedback, discussed the challenges and difficulties they face and found solutions together. In addition to brainstorming sessions and intense work on planning next few months, participants to the workshop also had creative activities, such as customizing the ALEG club member T-shirts with the new logo.

"After the summer school there was a need for a follow-up of the activities that children have already started in schools. These days they have shared experiences - they have seen what their colleagues do in other schools, what they have succeeded and where they are experiencing difficulties and how to overcome them. Also, this workshop was a good opportunity to develop their networking skills”, explained the role of the workshop Anatol Oprea, Child Protection Specialist at Tdh, project coordinator.

In the end, the participant children at the workshop planned an information and awareness campaign - 15 days without violence - which they will carry out on the occasion of 30 years since the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through this campaign, teens aim to encourage prosocial and anti-violent behavior among their peers, to promote positive attitudes and to contribute to the transformation of school culture. Starting November 20, the International Children’s Rights Day and until December 10, the International Human Rights Day, students from the 30 schools will carry out, every day, simultaneously, a series of thematic activities, such as: movie views, Blue Ribbon Day (symbol of awareness and fight against bullying), social theater performances, challenges with positive messages and impact, etc.

The follow-up workshop on preventing and combating violence and bullying, was organized and coordinated by Terre des hommes Moldova Foundation, with financial support of Oak Foundation and UNICEF Moldova.

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