[Moldova] Prevention of child separation from the family - training provided by Terre des hommes Moldova

27 Nov 2018

The members of the Child Gatekeeping Commissions from the Glodeni and Singerei districts attended, on November 19 – 20, a training on the role of the Commissions in preventing the separation of the child from the family, offered by Terre des hommes Moldova.

The training is part of a program to strengthen the state response toward cases of violence, neglect and exploitation of children, implemented in the districts of Glodeni and Singerei by Tdh Moldova in partnership with UNICEF Moldova.

The 2016 UNICEF Situation Analysis for Moldova identified the most vulnerable groups as children from families living in poverty, children with disabilities, Roma children, and children left behind by migrant parents. Vulnerable children are impacted by high prevalence of child abandonment, discrimination and violence. Furthermore, the social norms tolerate violence at home and in schools and foster discrimination towards children and adolescents from vulnerable groups.

For an adequate response to these problems, local authorities and child protection professionals need increased capacity to improve cross-sectoral cooperation, to ensure better outreach in the provision of services to the most vulnerable children.

Thus, the topics discussed at the workshop covered subjects that reflected:

  • the child's particularities, needs and vulnerabilities,
  • the best interest and participation of children,
  • areas of child welfare, protective factors and resilience,
  • the national and international regulatory framework,
  • case management,
  • the collection and use of data in the field of child protection in difficulty and protection of personal data.

The specialists exchanged experience based on the work of the Committees in Glodeni and Sangerei distrticts, discussing the strengths and challenges faced by each district and trying to find solutions to overcome them. One of the conclusions of the discussions is the need for a complex analysis of the situation of children and the strengthening of the efforts of all the actors involved in solving the problems faced by the children. Also, the specialists agreed that it is necessary to consult and involve children in the decision-making process that concerns them.

The participants mentioned the usefulness and necessity of this type of workshops, as well as the need to involve the local specialists in this kind of trainings. To deepen the topics in the workshop and for more details on the approached topics, the specialists received a set of didactic materials edited by Tdh Moldova on the protection of children in risk situations and the cross-sectorial cooperation in prevention of child separation from the family.

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