[Moldova] Street children or children in street situations? Training on protection of children in street situations, offered by Tdh Moldova

16 Apr 2018

After the qualitative study on street situations children (CSS) in Moldova, carried out in autumn 2017, Tdh Moldova continues its work in this area, inviting Professor Daniel Stoecklin, child protection expert from Switzerland, to hold a special training in Chisinau on the protection of CSS. The training took place in Chisinau, from 4th to 6th of April 2018, as part of the ChildHub regional initiative, and brought together professionals and decision-makers from child protection field.

The training aimed to cover the gap in the current mechanism from Moldova for protection of children in street situations and to provide new and viable solutions and perspectives to consolidate it. "Terre des hommes offered this training to provide a solid ground, based on international standards and good practices, for developing Moldova’s mechanism for protection of CSS", explains Ludmila Ungureanu, director of Tdh Moldova, the need for this training program.

Daniel Stoecklin pointed out the difference between the terms street children and children in street situations, the indicated term for these children being CSS. The first formulation is not recommended for use as it carries a negative labeling and stigmatizes these children from the start, inducing the idea that children themselves are responsible for their situation. It also makes a negative image transfer over them, depending on the street situation they are in. "We prefer to use the term children in street situations because the problem is not just about them, but also about the situations they face", explained Daniel Stoecklin, who is the author of this term. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child also recommends this term through the General Comment no. 21 (2017) on children in street situations.

Following the understanding and assimilation of CSS phenomenon and term, as well as the international recommendations and practices, the final goal of the training was for the participants to discuss and develop a functional protection mechanism for children in street situations from Moldova that would help to improve the current one.

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