[Moldova] Teachers from 20 communities around the country will contribute to strengthen the rights of ethnic minorities in Moldova

04 Sep 2018

Over 90 teachers from 20 communities around the country participated in a series of training workshops from 9th of July to 17th of August this year, offered by Terre des hommes Moldova Foundation. The trainings are part of a broader project to combat discrimination against ethnic minorities in the Republic of Moldova and to promote their rights, which Tdh Moldova develops in 20 communities in partnership with the Institute for Rural Initiatives from Moldova.

Through these trainings, Tdh Moldova aims to contribute to strengthening the role of schools in educating and promoting tolerance, diversity and social inclusion.

"In order to achieve the proposed results, Terre des hommes has developed a training program for teachers who will work with children and their parents. The purpose of this program is to educate and promote tolerance, gender equality, children's diversity and inclusion in order to prevent discrimination against ethnic minorities", says Teodora Rebeja, the project’s coordinator.

Teachers have gone through an intense and interactive program of personal and professional development of education and promotion of the tolerance, diversity and inclusion of children. It was not always easy, sometimes it left with ardent debates on topics addressed by Tdh Moldova members, which focused on children's rights, gender equality, stereotypes and prejudices, discrimination. Teachers also have learned about leadership and motivation; about the role of the feedback and how can they integrate it into their professional work and what are the differences between children and adults education.

Teachers who took part in the trainings pointed that the addressed topics are actual and represent precisely the deficiencies in their communities, but they have expressed the concern that it will not be easy to convince the members of their communities to change their views on certain aspects of gender equality, inclusion and other issues addressed in the workshops. That is why they think it is necessary such training courses to take place more often and to include all teachers in schools.

At one of the workshops, the participants enjoyed a surprise visit from the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. Alina Doroftei, political officer and Victoria Neaga, project manager, came to talk with teachers about the role of the EU Delegation in Moldova. They brought the message that the European Union will continue to support civil society in Moldova, and the new trend will be the financing of micro-regions.

Teachers also had many questions and comments, addressing a wide range of issues they face in their localities: lack of finance for schools, children with SEN and socially vulnerable people, migration, low wages, etc.

The European Union covers 95% from the budget of the project that includes also the trainings for the teachers. “Sustainable community partnerships to support the rights of persons belonging to ethnic minorities in Moldova” is implemented by Tdh Moldova between December 2017 - January 2020, including with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova.

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