[Moldova] Terre des hommes presented the results of the initial evaluation of youth's interests and needs from Moldova

12 Nov 2018

Terre des hommes Moldova presented the results of the initial evaluation of youth's interests and needs from Republic of Moldova at the national conference "Yoth Policies and Services for Every Young Person from Moldova", that took place on November 8, 2018. Liliana Astrahan, child protection and youth participation specialist at Tdh Moldova, presented the results of the analysis conducted by Tdh Moldova team within the Youth Centers’ Development National Program for 2017 – 2022.

Tdh members discussed between July and September 2018 with 483 young people around the country to find out about their needs, interests and challenges and how should be a youth center to respond to these. The young people that participated at the 51 focus groups are aged 14-35; 62% of them are girls and 38% - boys; 51% of them originate from the rural area and 49% are from cities.  

The conclusions of the evaluation included:

  • the profile of young people,
  • the interests, needs and the problems they face,
  • the solutions proposed by the young people,
  • their vision on volunteering and community participation,
  • how should be a youth center and a youth work specialist to encompass and meet their needs and interests.

"Everything we do for young people has to be only with their participation", concluded Liliana Astrahan. Thus, in the second part of the conference, alongside with Anatol Oprea, also child protection specialist at Tdh Moldova, she facilitated the working group with young people - beneficiaries or volunteers of the Youth Centers around the country.

During the working session, the participants developed:

  • the profile of a youth work specialist,
  • determined how should be a youth center to meet their needs and interests,
  • and the role of youth themselves within the centers.

Youth Centers are active now in 20 districts of the country. Among the services they provide and which are to be developed in the coming years are:

  • access to information,
  • outreach,
  • participation in decision-making,
  • non-formal education,
  • recreation
  • personal development.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research from Moldova and United Nations Population Fund are going to support local public authorities in order the National Youth Centers Network to become active throughout the country and make possible such youth services in every district.

The conference was organized on the occasion of the National Youth Day by the Ministry of Education and UNFPA, in partnership with the implementation partner Terre des hommes Moldova, in the framework of the "Joint Fund for the Development of Youth Services for Youth, Including the Most Vulnerable", as part of the Youth Centers’ Development National Program for 2017 – 2022.



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