[Montenegro] ChildHub introduced in Montenegro

05 Dec 2018

In cooperation with the Montengro Center for Child Rights and the participation of UNICEF and WHO, ChildHub was introduced in Podgorica, Montenegro, to a large group of policy makers and practitioners coming from different disciplines from child protection to justice and health. Professionals had a chance to hear from Resource Persons from Serbia and Croatia about their own experiences and perspectives of what ChildHub means for them, while they also got an introduction to the web portal and what it can offer. "I got addicted to webinars" admitted Slavica Milojevic, from the Republic Institute of Serbia ironically, emphasizing how much learning came from these online discussions.

As ChildHub's focus is on violence, it was only logical that organisers used the event to promote the INSPIRE strategies: both representatives of WHO and UNICEF presented the 7 strategies, and how Montenegro implements one or the other strategy. Mina Brajovic, head of WHO pointed out that violence against children was an epidemic, a public health issue, and recognising this WHO has joined forces with UNICEF and others to start intensive programs to prevent and respond to it.



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