My rainbow family: new book for chidlren from same-sex families

12 Feb 2018

NGO "Rainbow families" exist as an informal initiative since 2012 in Croatia and are gathered as a small group of same-sex parents and those who want to become parents. The goal of NGO is  to heighten visibility and talk about the status of rainbow families in Croatia today – what their needs are, what challenges they face... 

Currently in public focus is the publishing of the first picture book in Croatia „My Rainbow Family", but the NGO have lots of activities other than publishing, including regular gatherings where the members can discuss parenting topics in the safe environment. Also their children can socialize, parents can be included in support groups under professional guidance of a psychologist and those who are preparing for parenting, there are also public forums, participating in educations for public officials, movie screenings regarding their topics of interest, visiting other cities in Croatia and abroad... 

Below you can read more about the Picture book and the big public interest for it in Croatia. Croatian Child Hub Team had talked with Danijel Martinović, coordinator of NGO „Rainbow Families" in Zagreb. 

E-version of Picture book you can find here in English language. 



1. How did the idea of the picture book „My Rainbow Family“ emerged?

We realised that most of our members, especially those with small children, have to order books, picture books and manuals from abroad, in English, German and other foreign languages. Our first thought was translating an existing picture book or stories from English to Croatian, but then we decided to try publishing our own picture book about rainbow families in Croatian. 

2. Can you present the picture book in a few words?

The picture book is fairly simple, it deals with the same topics as most preschool picture books – favourite fruit, holiday seasons, activities like drawing or looking at picture books... The only difference is that the main characters have same-sex parents instead of mother and father, in one story two dads and in other two moms. Both stories are in the same picture book which can be read from both sides and in the middle they all gather for a picnic, which resembles the traditional picnic we organise for our members each summer.

3. What can you comment about the public interest in the picture book?

To say we were surprised would be the understatement. At first we planned to publish the picture book for us, our families and friends. That's why we published only 500 copies, which were reserved before the picture book was formally presented to the public. Interest about the picture book is not fading and we are getting daily requests – truly unbelievable amount of positive reactions and inquiries, and we cannot thank everyone enough. Because of that big interest, we decided to set up a crowdfounding campaign, by which we collected more than 200% of planned amount for the publishing activities. 

4. What are your further plans with the picture book and as well with the other activities in 2018.?

We hope to enable everyone interested in the picture book to get their own copy – through crowdfunding campaign, projects, donations and similar. We  will start planing for new releases, new picture books. Also, for our friends and supporters, we plan on organising public events and activities aiming to present rainbow families to the public, discuss family lives of lgbt people, and we hope to contribute to developing tolerance and appreciation of diversity in our country.




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